ATD Lawn Service is a full service lawn maintenance company for both residential and commercial customers serving the Treasure Valley area for the past 15 years. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior product on time.

ATD Lawn Service has a reputation for satisfied clients and great looking lawns. Of course, references are available upon request. Regular maintenance goes a long way in improving your landscaping and protecting your investment. Our promise to our customers is simple: We do what we say we are going to do.

We are licensed and insured.


*Tree/shrub care and fertilizations

We use an organic, deep-root feeding fertilizer to make sure your trees and shrubs are always looking healthy.

*Pre-emergent, flowerbeds and lawn

Our pre-emergent and season-long control will keep your flowerbeds and lawn weed free year round.

*Weed Control

We will apply pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control in order to keep your flowerbeds and lawns weed free year round.

*Billbug - insecticide applications

Guaranteed season-long control against pests.

*Dormant Oil

We will apply dormant oil so during the long winter months the pests don’t eat away at your trees and shrubs.

* Installation

* Turn-ons

* Repair

* Winterization

* Custom Landscaping
* Aeration
* Curbing

* Holiday Lighting

* Snow Removal


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